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"I engaged Will Blunt and Blogger Sidekick as I needed someone who understood the challenges of building a business with blogging. He has freed me up from the daily grind of editing, publishing and marketing our guest posts. His skills as a writer and attention to detail have allowed me to concentrate on other vital projects. He not only does the work with passion, but adds value with suggestions and proactive followup. How would I describe Will? In two words... willing and awesome!"

Jeff Bullas, Social Media Expert & Founder of

"Will Blunt is a content editor of the very highest calibre. Will and his team always produce quality, one-of-a-kind content which is meaningful and impactful for both the end consumer and Google. Their trusted service saves me massive amounts of time, and is a smart strategic move for any business wanting to get more traffic in the medium to longer term with earned media."

Greg Cassar, Leading Digital Marketing Business Coach & Founder of The Collective

"Blogger Sidekick adds a valuable coat of logistical and editorial polish to our blogging and content marketing efforts, and is a valued member of our broader team."

Will Swayne, Digital Marketing Expert & Managing Director of Marketing Results

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